Tennis Court Improvement Options Are Changing All the Time

Watching the last tennis courts los angeles team compete last week, it became clear that they have a home advantage because of their tennis court. Parts of the court that were much better than other tennis courts were tennis nets, wind protection of the tennis court and general maintenance of the tennis court. It is not uncommon to visit a tennis court with an orderly appearance and has undergone thorough maintenance of the tennis court. It is less likely to see the functional windbreak shelter of the tennis court, which actually keeps the wind in the bay. It is even less common and more unusual to see a tennis court with a strong tennis net.



The degree of maintenance of the court can cause or interrupt the match. Those courts that have better maintenance use staff who are highly qualified and motivated. Keeping the court can mean different things for different people. Some people think that sweeping out of court is all that is necessary. Actually, the best courts in this area are those that follow the 12th step approach in caring for the court. This approach is based on a list of 12 checkpoints that should be dealt with on a daily basis, in order to ensure the proper maintenance not only of the courts, but of the entire facility. Some of these checkpoints are: washing water on the trough, lifting loose balls, checking the nets for wear, etc. When all these areas are in place, they are not only the courts but the entire facility. When all these areas are solved on a daily basis, the court will be an example of excellent maintenance of the facility.

In a match in Mariemont, the court had a new and very effective wind shelter, which was used. Throughout the match there was a strong wind and yet the court was calm and still thanks to the work of the wind guard. After the control it was obvious that the screen was new and of high quality. This particular sun visor was purchased from a top-of-the-range supplier who aggressively sells it to secondary schools. I later learned that this shield was given to the school by a tennis graduate. This particular donor noticed that his tennis record would have been better if the school had bought such a wind screen. His game was constantly under the influence of strong winds, and both parents and coaches tried unsuccessfully to secure money for the new wind protection for the tennis courts used by the school.

The high quality court net was another feature of the Mariemont court, which helped the team win. Recently, a tennis magazine reported that a ruined net can have a significant impact on whether the tennis player can concentrate or not. He reported several cases where points in matches had to be repeated because the tennis balls got stuck in the old tennis net, or where the net disintegrated during the game and a substitute net was not available. This also had an impact on the confidence of players when playing on the court with a net that looked old-fashioned and beaten. The nets on the Mariemont court were new and well maintained. This particular type of tennis court network would certainly meet the high standards of Tennis Magazine magazine.

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